Monday, February 21, 2005

The latest addition to my ever-growing family at Poppy Hill is a little black rabbit. Some jackass in my neighborhood set at least two domesticated rabbits free at some point, and ever since I've lived out here -- four years now -- I've seen little pseudo-wild bunnies out and about. They mostly congregate on one corner where they are relatively safe, I suppose, but I've seen more than one dead in the road, plus there are lots of predators so I'm sure attrition is the main thing keeping the wild rabbit population somewhat under control.

I found my new little friend on the side of the road last week -- I was able to pick it up because it has an injured leg. Brought it home, now am turning into an obsessed rabbit fanatic, it's really fun. Bunny's temporary housing is that incredibly versatile and useful Vari-Kennel in my tackroom -- thank god for the giant Vari-Kennel! -- and I've already ordered a fancy hutch for more suitable living quarters. I'm fantasizing about the outdoor run that I'm sure somebody like my boyfriend or my father will eventually build for the rabbit, and also fantasizing about getting a companion for the bun - it's sure to be lonely all by him/herself. Since I don't know the sex of this rabbit, I figure I can play it safe and get a spayed or neutered bun through rabbit rescue. Just have to hope they like each other.........

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