Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lucy ~ April 1999 - February 21, 2006

Poor Lucy, it occured to me today that it's been four months since she died and I haven't posted her tribute yet. As you can see from the too-many tributes I've posted in the past year - and especially in the past six months - it's been a trying time here at Poppy Hill. January and February were the worst two months of my life so far. As if Guinness passing away on Jan. 9 was not enough, Wyatt died less than a month later on February 4 and then Lucy died on February 21.

I've already told the stories of Guin and the Earp, so here's Lucy's story. She was Henry's sister - they were two of five kittens I bottle-raised from ten days old. Henry died suddenly back in Nov. 05, still don't know why but my educated guess is that it was his heart.

I noticed that Lucy didn't seem quite right about a month before she died. She'd always been perfectly healthy. Long story short, she turned out to have multiple-cavity (chest and abdomen) carcinoma. Basically one of the worst kinds of malignancies, and no treatment worth pursuing (unless you're into torturing your pet to maybe wring out a few more weeks or months with them, which I'm most definitely not - I'd go to the ends of the earth to help my animals but only when it is in THEIR best interest, not mine, as hard as that can be sometimes).

So....she lived and she died. She was an awesome cat. Not fair that she got such a bad disease at such a young age.

Lucy and Miltie, another of the bottle babies

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