Thursday, June 02, 2011


This is my 1968 Mustang. I call it a Farm Find. Others might call it that too, or worse. I love it.
I brought it home last month on a U-Haul trailer. It has a solid body, newly rebuilt engine and a C4 transmission with a backwards (or upside down, or whatever) linkage. Oh, no brakes, needs new radiator....steering fluid leaks, something like's a real project.

Luckily I have help. Yes, it's paid help. Whatever. The Mustang now has a properly oriented transmission, new brakes and will soon have the second exhaust manifold welded back on so it can be driven on the street without risking a ticket for excessive noise. I'm so proud of the "competition series" carburetor (it actually came with that) and new master cylinder.

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