Monday, July 05, 2004

Camille has officially graduated from her PEG tubage!

Just realized I forgot to mention that, how could I. I pulled her tube nearly two weeks ago, happily! She's doing great, as I knew she would, and I'm slowly working on integrating into the household at large. Not the easiest task. She's a ballsy little one, pretty darn tough when she feels like she needs to be...but I have a houseful of tough cats and dogs too and she has no idea what she's in for. So for now, because she's still on meds and because I can't bear the thought of just turning her loose in the house and watching her get her little booty kicked, I take various cats/dogs on individual visits with her in her room. She does ok. I try to rotate among cats who will just ignore her, and cats who will put her in her place without hurting her. Hopefully she will get the drift that she doesn't just get to stalk/"kill" everything she sees. I can't blame her for it, she's basically grown up in solitary confinement -- but she wouldn't be alive at all otherwise, and I'm sure we'll all figure out a way to make this latest addition work. Long road ahead though, I think...

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