Monday, July 05, 2004

Just had a really fun few hours with my goats. Lucky (who is now Luca, sometimes), Trinket, Chloe (nee Brownie) and I just hung out in the front area. They had so much fun. I was worried about letting them out, thinking that they might just go feral on me (I'm all about worst-case scenarios) but the complete opposite was true. Actually I only put them back in their paddock because I wanted to come inside, but they followed me right to the door, and I didn't want them to look around and see the few plants I DO cultivate and eat them. I couldn't get far away from them, the minute Luca couldn't see me he'd start racing in the general direction where he last saw me. Which is GOOD - because Trinkie and Chloe follow him wherever he goes, so I now have much more faith in my ability to successfully move them from place to place without stress. He follows me, they follow him...easy!

We spent a lot of time wandering the yard, they ate a bunch of weeds. They haven't yet noticed the poison oak, I can't wait til they do and eat it all! Anyway, they climbed up on top of everything they could find to scale, most notably an overturned bathtub (ex-horse watering trough that's too heavy for me to move alone so there it sits!) and played king/queen of the mountain. And, they actually galloped around a bit, romping to and fro, and had some alpine ramming games (they don't even have horns but still they love to rear up and butt heads with each other, all in fun).

I think I'll go back out soon and let them out for round two!

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