Saturday, July 16, 2005

Check out New West -- the latest venture of Industry Standard cofounder Jonathan Weber -- for the fabulous news that Pearl Jam will play a benefit August 29 in Missoula for Jon Tester, the president of the Montana state senate who is running against Conrad Burns for US Senate next year.

Go! Go! Go! Jeff's a Montana boy and a dog lover....nuff said.


Jeff's dog, Ruby, died at age 13 in's her obituary:

"Ruby, 13, beloved dog dies. She could eat anything. Known as much for her ability to eat virtually any matter as she was for her charm and personality. Ruby entered the afterlife with a head full of memories from her charmed life. Ruby and her constant companion (by whom she is survived) spent the majority of her years in the great state of Montana, where Ruby rubbed shoulders with members of the rock band Pearl Jam. She also managed to dig out some chocolate bars from the luggage of the bassist of the aforementioned rock band...on more than one occasion. She will also be remembered for devouring an entire steak that was cooked by none other than the famous grillmeister Mr. Mike Watt. An attendee of that particular soiree was unfortunate enough to place his steak in the near proximity of Ms. Ruby while taking a croquet shot.

She was a dedicated and loyal friend for her long life, and she will be missed by many. Loving monuments have been created in the companion's home. Donations may be made to the charity of your choice."

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