Friday, July 01, 2005

I visited my good friend Kathy at her new place in Sonora last weekend -- man oh man am I jealous. She and her daughter, a dressage trainer, bought an 80 acre facility up there and it is amazing. Their barn is a beautiful, superb quality work of art! And the land is lovely, complete with a pond. Wish I had pictures to post, but I don't.

Ever since she moved there, she's been saying to me that as soon as I saw it I'd want to move there too. She was right. I'm sure my boys (Athos left, Intrepid right)
would think it was just dandy to move up to Gold Country. Along with the rest of my critters. True, they have it pretty darn good right here at home, but it just seems better up there. I want to go.

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